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Create in Kingston Festival 2014

April 24, 2014

Create in Kingston

3D Printing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model and Create in Kingston Festival an annual event launching this year will allow participants and visitors to experience the cutting edge of 3D print technology in action.

Commissioned by Kingstonfirst, we envision 3D printing to become a mass market item providing the same impact as the invention of the internet on everyday lives. 3D printing specialists iMakr will be on location in a number of retail stores with amazing 3D print instillations and 3D printing workshops across the Kingston Town Centre. Not stopping there iMakr will also be found in the Bentall Centre producing live 3D scanning and modelling where you can have an exact replica mini model of yourself created.

Additional activity on the day will include a Dynamic Marketplace for artists and designers, showcasing and selling their unique and amazing products. On the high street a Sopwith Camel WWI Plane will also be on display highlighting Kingston’s history in designing and building military aircraft.

More so, there will be a variety of opportunities for the family to participate with balloon modelling workshops and storytelling, facepainting, live art and music, vintage airstream, pro skateboarding exhibition, vintage market and design talks.

Create in Kingston Festival 2014, celebrating creativity, design and culture.

Album Review – The McCarrons – ‘Whatever Next’

April 24, 2014

The McCarrons album

Halifax based three piece The McCarrons are a trio – two brothers and a friend – who got together due to a shared love of indie music. Writing this debut album almost as an open love letter to the genre, it blends upbeat tracks with mournful tales – all the while layering up strummed acoustic and jangling electric guitars to solid effect.

The McCarrons

The McCarrons

With that in mind, this album is very much a child of its genre, so those looking for a wholly new proposition might scoff. But let’s be honest – most music released, particularly the successful stuff, riffs on what’s gone before mercilessly. And in doing so here, The McCarrons have created an album of real charm.
So, if you’re a fan of British bands, from The Beatles through The Who, up to the likes of The Verve, give this lot a try.

iTunes link

Written by Harry Dean of Labelled Independent

Fortunes – Keeper

April 24, 2014


How big is your shortcut budget?

April 24, 2014

seth godin, those that spend the most effort in search of shortcuts are often the most disappointed and the least successful, budgets

A quality post from Seth Godin this morning…

All of us are willing to spend a little time and a little money looking for a shortcut now and then. A quicker, more effective way to lose weight, make friends, earn money and get clean, fresh breath. Sometimes, one of those shortcuts pays off and it reinforces our belief that there might just be a better way.

It seems, though, that those that spend the most effort in search of shortcuts are often the most disappointed and the least successful.

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April 22, 2014

Busy is a drug the a lot of people are addicted too, Rob Bell, Schulze

Do you rush through the morning paper, barely skimming the headlines while answering emails and making kids’ lunches? Do you compete with coworkers over how late you stay at the office each night?

When journalist Brigid Schulte found herself immersed in one of the most hectic, time-crunched industries, she, like many of her busy coworkers, was feeling overworked and overwhelmed by the demands of her work and home life.

I was just feeling so busy and holding on by my fingernails through every day, trying to work crazy hours, not only being good at what I did, but great and amazing at what I did, and then [at home] I was trying to be supermom,” she says. Baking cupcakes until 2 a.m. and hosting professional interviews while sitting on the floor outside her kids’ dental office was the norm for Schulte .


Yet even though she was working as though her hair was on fire, she felt unproductive and inadequate. Schulte had bought into a “culture of busy.” That is, a work environment where logging in long hours and complaining about not having any time in the day is considered a status symbol and a sign of success.

Overwhelmed- Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time, Schulte, New Book, Busy Busy Busy

Now, in her new book Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time, Schulte argues a workplace culture that rewards those who are overworked is flawed and she challenges managers, business owners and leaders to adopt a new attitude of work, one where performance rather than time, and a life outside of work rather than a life consisting of work is the norm.


In our workplace culture, we reward people who work all hours, are completely work-devoted, and don’t care if they have a life [outside of work],” – Schulte

This culture of busyness began in the 1980s as economic uncertainty set in and white collar workers began logging in more hours, trying to make themselves stand out amongst the regular 9 to 5ers. “There are many workplaces that still measure hours and not performance even when hours aren’t really what matter.


In her book, Schulte recounts a study by Florida psychologist Anders Ericcson who wanted to understand what it took to be the best at something. He went to Berlin to examine the time logs of the most successful musicians and discovered that the virtuosos were those who practiced the hardest for no more than 90 minutes and took more breaks and naps than the musicians who weren’t as good.

In the breaks, that’s where the ‘aha moment’ comes,” says Schulte . It’s in the moments of leisure time that the brain is working to solve issues so you can begin your next burst of intense work with a renewed perspective.

Anders Ericcson, Brigid Schulte, Busy Busy Busy, Love and Play When No One Has the Time, New Book, Overwhelmed - Work, Schulte

When you look at human performance science, there’s such great evidence that working all of those hours really doesn’t get you where you want to go,” says Schulte . While you may be able to work a few 60-hour weeks, eventually you will be so burnt out that you lose the ability to be creative and innovative.


Schulte sought out real-life examples of workplaces that implemented this theory in practice and found it in one of the most shocking places – the Pentagon. Long hours at the office were leaving Pentagon staff burnt out and struggling to balance the demands of family and personal time. Alternative work schedules and flexible work policies were implemented that reflected a fundamental shift in cultural values.

People were no longer bragging about long hours. If they bragged at all, it was about how they got their work done more efficiently,” says Schulte . After this cultural shift that invalidated busyness rather than rewarding it, the Pentagon noticed the quality of work improve and thinking became sharper.


Schulte also examines a software company, Menlo Innovations, where staying late at the office is viewed as a sign of inefficiency and can result in dismissal. “[This company says] if you cannot figure out how to do your job in 40 hours, we will fire you,” says Schulte . This from a company in an industry that is notorious for overworking employees.


Rewiring a company culture to value leisure time rather than busyness makes economic sense, but Schulte warns, it’s a process that is top-down. “The culture is set by what the leadership does. If you work crazy hours, even if you [tell employees] to go home and be with their kids, no one will do that. They’re going to work how the boss works” says Schulte .


Article Reblogged from written by Lisa Evans

What’s happening in retail & with brands – trends for week ending 18th April 2014 #retailtrends #retailnews #marketingweek #eventmagazine

April 21, 2014

Company Results

- The Body Shop have reported a 3.4% decrease in total sales to £145.6m for the quarter to 31 March 2014. Like-for-like sales decreased by 3% for the same period. (Source: Retail Week)
- Bonmarché have reported a 13.5% increase in like-for-like sales for the 13 weeks to 29 March 2014. Online sales increased by 72.8% for the same period. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
- Burberry have reported a 19% increase in total revenue to £1.3bn for the six months to 31 March 2014. Retail revenue increased by 13% to £928m while wholesale revenue excluding beauty increased by 11% to £240m for the same period.
Burberry have reported a 19% increase in total revenue to £1.3bn for the six months to 31 March 2014.

- The Co-operative Group have reported £2.5bn annual loss. Group sales were down from £11bn last year to £10.5bn this year. Like-for-like sales in their food stores fell 0.2%, while sales in their core convenience chain rose 1.6%. (Source: BBC, Reuters)
- Debenhams have reported a 1.7% increase in group revenue to £1.3bn for the 26 weeks to 01 March 2014. Group like-for-like sales increased by 1.5% and UK sales increased by 0.4% to £1.0bn for the same period. Group pre-tax profit decreased by 24.5% to £85.2m.
- French Connection have reported an 11% increase in like-for-like sales for the 11 weeks to 12 April 2014.
French Connection have reported an 11% increase in like-for-like sales for the 11 weeks to 12 April 2014

- House of Fraser have reported a 3.6% increase in like-for-like sales to £1.2bn for the 52 weeks to 25 January 2014. Online sales increased by 41 % for the same period. (Source: The Drum)
- JD Sports have reported a 5.7% increase in sales to £1.3bn for the 52 weeks to 01 February 2014. UK & Ireland like-for-like sales increased by 6.7% and pre-tax profit increased by 5.0% to £57.8m for the same period.
- John Lewis have reported a 13.0% increase in sales for the week to 12 April 2014. Fashion, Electricals & Home Technology and Home sales increased by 11.4%, 14.9% and 13.2% respectively. Sales at increased by 35.8%.
- Poundstretcher have reported a 3% increase in like-for-like sales for the year to 31 March 2014. (Source: The Grocer)
- Tesco have reported a 0.9% increase in total group sales (excluding petrol) for the 52 weeks to 22 February 2014 while profit was down by 6.0% to £3.3bn. UK sales increased by 0.8% (excluding petrol) while UK like-for-like sales (excluding petrol) decreased by 1.3% for the same period. UK online sales increased by 11%.
- Waitrose have reported a 7.5% increase in sales (including petrol) for the week to 12 April 2014.

Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

- Burberry have opened a new flagship store in the Kerry Centre, Shanghai on 14 April 2014. (Source: Fashion United)
- Cath Kidston are in talks with the Fast Retailing, owner of Uniqlo for a potential sale of £250m. (Source: the Telegraph)
- House of Fraser have sold a majority stake in their business to Chinese conglomerate Sanpower, giving them an 89% stake in the company. (Source: BBC)
- Joules have plans to launch their eyewear collection in collaboration Vision Express on 30 April 2014. The collection is aimed at women and children. (Source: Retail Week)
- Kurt Geiger have completed a management buyout of the business on 11 April 2014, allowing them to split from The Jones Group. The deal was supported by Sycamore Partners. (Source: Verdict)
Kurt Geiger have completed a management buyout of the business on 11 April 2014, allowing them to split from The Jones Group

- Sports Direct have plans to offer credit facility for their online customers by later 2014. (Source: Verdict)
- Tesco have plans to open seven F&F franchise stores on the east coast of America in 2014 with their US franchise partner Retail Group of America. The first store will be launched in Boston in May 2014 and will be followed by four stores in New York and one each in Philadelphia and Newport, Virginia. (Source: Retail Bulletin)

Electrical & Entertainment

- Dixons Retail have revealed two new ‘convenience’ and ‘lifestyle’ store designs, one a Currys and PC World in Canary Wharf shopping centre and the second featuring a remodelled kitchen department at the Thurrock megastore. (Source: Retail Week)

The latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index have revealed that online retail sales increased by 16% year-on-year and 17% quarter-on-quarter in March 2014, representing an estimated £23.1bn spent online in Q1 2014. A number of sectors recorded strong year-on-year growth levels including accessories (up 34%), Footwear (up 22%), Health and Beauty (up 23%) and Home and Garden (up 21%). Over the three month period, garden products saw a surge of 40%, while items for the home have seen an increase of 18%. The sale of items for the garden were particularly strong in March 2014, during which the sector grew 109% on February 2014. Clothing and alcohol sales also saw a strong month-on-month performance in March 2014, recording a growth of 21% and 31% respectively. Sales via mobile devices continue to grow unabated, with m-commerce recording a year-on-year increase of 53% (65% excluding travel) in March 2014.

Food & Drink

- Nisa have plans to invest over £1.5m for the launch of a new national brand campaign. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
- Sainsbury’s have launched a new scheme to enable customers to recycle their Easter egg packaging in the retailer’s stores. This will allow customers to recycle all elements of Easter egg packaging including plastic, film, card, foil and ribbon. (Source: Retail Bulletin)


- Argos have appointed The House Worldwide to develop above-the-line campaigns to support growth in their own brand business. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
- Homebase have signed a three-year contract with Sky IQ to better understand the consumer behaviour and optimise their TV advertising. (Source: The Drum)
- Harvey Nichols have launched their new e-commerce website to improve and optimise their online offering. The site integrates editorial content, social media streams, videos and blog posts into product pages. (Source: Retail Week)
Harvey Nichols have launched their new e-commerce website to improve and optimise their online offering

- John Lewis have revealed the names of the panel of external expert mentors who will advise and judge entrants for JLAB technology incubator. (Source: Retail Bulletin)

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R.I.P: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter

April 20, 2014

Rubin %22Hurricane%22 Carter (May 6, 1937 – April 20, 2014) was an American middleweight boxer best known for having been wrongfully convicted for murder

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