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@_bollywoodfever presents #SHOLAY in 3D powered by @RishteyCINEPLEX with @lycaradio1458 @ColorsTV @MTVBeats @BFI

March 5, 2018

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Bollywood Fever makes Bollywood history with its screening of Sholay in 3D, powered by Rishtey CINEPLEX

Saturday March 17th & Sunday March 18th @ The ICC Birmingham

Sholay in 3D, powered by Rishtey CINEPLEX, which is presented by Bollywood Fever, will be the largest indoor 3D screening of a Bollywood movie ever to take place in the UK. It will also be the largest indoor 3D screening of any movie since Titanic 3D screened at the Royal Albert Hall in 2012.

A custom-made screen will be erected at The ICC Birmingham on Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th 2018, to present Sholay, one of India’s most iconic, most loved films, like never before.

Coupled with an integrated cinematic experience for the family, cinemagoers are encouraged to get immersed in the experience and singalong to classics like Yeh Dosti and Mehbooba Mehbooba, dress up as their favourite Bollywood characters and take part in the Bollywood Fan Zone, featuring live music, dance and food.

Bollywood Fever says: “We’re so proud to organise the largest indoor 3D screening since Titanic and achieving this milestone in British cinema. It’s also exciting for us to partner with Rishtey CINEPLEX, a premium Bollywood film channel, to present Sholay in 3D.”

Govind Shahi, Business Head for Europe, America, APAC & Outbound Sales, IndiaCast, said: “We are extremely delighted to be a part of this great and extraordinary event. Rishtey CINEPLEX is all about amazing cinematic experiences and Sholay in 3D makes a perfect association for us. We hope that the people of Birmingham makes the most of this opportunity.”

Supported by the BFI Audience Fund, using money from the National Lottery, to connect audiences across the UK with the best of world cinema, Sholay in 3D, powered by Rishtey CINEPLEX, breathes new life and adds depth to the masterful classic, appealing to a new generation of filmgoers and Bollywood film fans alike.

Considered by many to be the greatest Bollywood film of all time, Sholay topped the Indian box office for 19 years after its release in 1975. It went on to receive numerous ‘Best Film’ honours, topped the BFI’s “Top 10 Indian Films” in a 2002 poll and was named in the Top 10 list compiled by London’s Barbican Centre “What London Watches: Ten Films That Shook Our World” in 2017 – 42 years after its initial release.

Inspired by the spaghetti western genre in mainstream cinema, the film follows two criminals, ‘Jai’ and ‘Veeru’ (played by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra) hired by a retired police officer (Sanjeev Kumar) to capture the ruthless dacoit ‘Gabbar Singh’ (Amjad Khan). Hema Malini and Jaya Bhaduri play ‘Basanti’ and ‘Radha’ respectively – Veeru and Jai’s love interests. The film’s dialogues and characters became universally popular, forming archetypes that have since defined and inspired subsequent eras of Indian cinema; contributed to numerous cultural memes; and become part of India’s daily vernacular.

In 2014, over 300 people took part in the process to convert this iconic film into a 3D digital format, where every scene had to be individually restored, colour corrected and re-composited in 3D. The music has been re-composed and re-created by Raju-Singh.

This will be the first time Sholay will be screened in 3D in Birmingham, appealing to generations that have not seen the magic of Sholay in theatres, those who have seen the film countless times, as well as world cinema aficionado’s.

Bollywood Fever, sponsored by Cellar Door, are proud to partner with the BFI, Rishtey CINEPLEX and Lyca Radio to bring Sholay in 3D to UK audiences. Bollywood Fever is also delighted to partner with RealD as an official supplier.

Sholay 3D, presented by Bollywood Fever, powered by Rishtey CINEPLEX

The ICC Birmingham

Saturday 17th March – Doors Open @ 10:30am

Sunday 18th March – Doors Open @ 10.30am

Tickets: £14.00 – £22.50 Tickets available from:

These stunning portraits of black girls rocking their natural hair are a must-see.

March 14, 2018

Atlanta-based CreativeSoul Photography brought an inspiring artistic vision to life that highlights the beauty of black girls and their natural hair.

Regis and Kahran are the husband-and-wife duo behind the photography studio, and their series “Afro Art” represents their expertise in capturing portraits as well as visual storytelling. The striking images feature young girls in elaborate costuming and hairstyles, from a Baroque-era aesthetic to steampunk clothing to fierce high-fashion ensembles.

The girls featured in “Afro Art” are stylish and carry themselves with confidence and grace. The feelings evoked from the series speak to the larger idea surrounding it. “We feel that it is so important for kids of color to be able to see positive images that look like them in the media,” Kahran told My Modern Met in an email. “Unfortunately the lack of diversity often plays into the stereotypes that they are not ‘good enough’ and often forces kids to have low self-esteem.”

All photos by CreativeSoul Photo, used with permission.

To help combat these negative feelings, the couple showcases kids who love how they look.

“We hope that viewers will see the beauty and versatility of afro hair,” Kahran explains, “and we hope that girls around the world will be inspired to love their unique differences and beauty within.”

“Afro Art” came together from CreativeSoul’s travels:

“We worked on these series in various states in the US (New York, California, Texas, Georgia). In each state, we created a different theme and came up with clothing pieces and accessories that went with that theme.”

Although meticulous in preparation, the duo still left some room for spontaneity. “On set, we just styled everything on the fly and worked with our hairstylist to create unique looks for each model.”

See how the different themes come together to make one gorgeously shot and styled series.

In their series “Afro Art,” CreativeSoul Photography captures striking portraits of girls who are rocking their natural hair.

They feature black girls who wear elaborate Baroque-esque ensembles …

… as well as steampunk-inspired outfits …

… and many other styles.

The overall goal of “Afro Art” is to show kids of color more people that look like them in the media.

“We hope that girls around the world will be inspired to love their unique differences and beauty within,” Kahran explains.

This piece originally appeared at My Modern Met 

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