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Stand! CJ Beatz presents. . . at the Arnhem Gallery – Friday 6th March #standcjbeatz

February 16, 2015


Aimed squarely at those with a thirst for the cutting edge in music, fashion and art, Stand is a music event showcasing the best in London’s music scenes.

Collaborating with those in the know, Stand is unbound by music genres, following the simple rule that if it’s stimulating, evocative and conversation provoking, it’s in.



Launching Stand will be CJ Beatz presents . . . Initially starting as a DMC DJ, CJ’s ears have since developed over the years to appreciate various genres of music and this is very much evident in the eclectic line up he has gathered for your audio pleasure.


Sinead Harnett is one of UK dance music’s hottest properties as a feature artist, with the stage now set for her to make her name as a singer songwriter in her own right. Sinead dominated vocal duties on Disclosure’s The Face EP with lead vocals on the blog-baiting hits ‘Boiling’ and ‘What’s In Your Head’, she has since gone on to collaborate with Rudimental (‘Home’ LP) Kidnap Kid (‘So Close’) & Eats Everything.


Etta Bond is the first artist to come out of Labrinth’s label, OddChild Recordings. Drawing from the worlds of RnB and Dubstep, Etta Bond’s third EP and debut solo EP, #CoolUrbanNewTalent, was released for free download at the end of last year and featured collaborations with Delilah, Raf Riley and Chris Loco.


Hailing from North West London Jay, Ryo, and Lili are Grand Wa Zoo. Both Jay and Ryo rhyme, and, together with Lili’s smooth singing, the group have a unique sound, full of real emotion and soul. The group’s name comes from one of Ryo’s childhood influences, Frank Zappa. Although the name of a Zappa album, they gave it their own meaning – ‘Grand’, then ‘Wa’ which means peace(ful)/harmony in Japanese, and ‘Zoo’ which relates to them, the world, and the surrounding people.


DJ support comes in the form of a special All About She DJ set. The Disturbing London Records’ genre-defying style has seen the band work with MNEK, Wookie, Roses Gabor as well as producing and writing on label-mate Sasha Keable’s breakthrough EP, ‘Black Book’. Additionally, CJ Beatz’ very own Wide Awake, the London based production, DJ and live performance duo that comprises of Jordan Crisp alongside CJ Beatz himself will host proceedings.


What’s happening in #retail & with brands – trends for w/e 27th February 2015 #retailtrends #retailnews #marketingweek #eventmagazine

March 2, 2015

Company Results

Fyffes have reported a 0.8% increase in total revenue for the year to 31 December 2014, while profit before tax increased by 33.1% to €38.2m for the same period.
John Lewis have reported a 3.5% increase in sales for the week to 21 February 2015. Fashion and Home sales increased by 5.8% each, while Electricals & Home Technology sales increased by 0.1%. Sales at increased by 16.7%.
Lush have reported an 8% increase in sales to £454.1m for the year to 30 June 2014. Pre-tax profit increased by 8% to £23.3m while like-for-like sales increased by 9.1% for the same period. (Source: Retail Week)
TK Maxx owner, TJX, has reported an 11% rise in total profits to $648.2m (£417.6m) for the three months to January 31. (Source: Drapers)
TK Maxx owner, TJX, has reported an 11% rise in total profits to $648.2m (£417.6m) for the three months to January 31.

The lifestyle sector saw like-for-likes increase by +0.6% this week – a quite exceptional improvement given brands which retail outdoor goods noted a significant slump this week as colder weather returned. Department stores noted particularly strong like-for-likes, with the boost to real incomes driving consumers to spend on an already strong 2014 base.

Fashion was the worst performer on the like-for-like index this week, with like-for-likes slumping by -2.9%. Promotional activity declined, particularly amongst designer fashion brand retailers, which led to a slump in sales – although some retailers cited that margins had increased. Fashion sales in department stores were particularly strong and sales amongst budget retailers outperformed those of their designer peers as consumers continued to search for bargain.

Homewares saw an encouraging 3.2% increase in like-for-likes this year, despite being off a very strong base. Like-for-likes were dragged up by furnishings stores having a particularly strong week.

Non-store sales rose by 16.6% this week. This is a better performance than last week when non-store like-for-likes reached a short-term historic low of 10.7%. The online market is continuing to mature, and seeing regularly like-for-likes greater than 30% will become less and less common. In a reverse to the situation seen on the high street, the strongest online performers this week were high-end fashion retailers, particularly those who were still offering discounting on winter items.

Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

Bremont have announced plans to launch their first standalone store in early spring 2015, at 501 Madison Avenue building, Manhattan, US. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
Bremont have announced plans to launch their first standalone store in early spring 2015, at 501 Madison Avenue building, Manhattan, US

La Martina have opened their first UK flagship store at The Crown Estate, London. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
Madewell have launched their denim brand in the UK via (Source: The Telegraph)
Next have signed a lease agreement for 10,000 sq. ft. space at the Resorts World Birmingham leisure and entertainment complex at the NEC. (Source: Drapers)
SuperGroup have announced that their Chief Financial Officer, Shaun Wills, has stepped down and will be replaced by Nick Wharton on an interim basis. (Source: The Telegraph)

Food & Drink

Diageo has unveiled a new “smart bottle” that can send consumers targeted marketing even after purchase. (Source: Just Drinks)
Diageo has unveiled a new “smart bottle” that can send consumers targeted marketing even after purchase

Asda have acquired 15 standalone petrol stations across the UK from Rontec, as a part of their five-year strategy to open 100 standalone petrol stations by 2018. (Source: The Grocer)
Bargain Booze owner Conviviality Retail have entered into a ten year franchise agreement with Jonathan James to run their 36 newly acquired GT stores. (Source: The Grocer)
Holland & Barrett have announced plans to expand their Nuneaton head office team by 30 new members, after strong period of growth. (Source: Retail Week)
Marks & Spencer have announced plans to carry out two audits per year for every food supplier from April 2015. (Source: Verdict)
Morrisons have appointed David Potts as their new Chief Executive, replacing Dalton Philips. (Source: The Telegraph)
– The George Clooney-owned Tequila Casamigos has launched into the UK as the brand expands its international footprint
George Clooney-owned Tequila Casamigos has launched into the UK as the brand expands its international footprint

According to data from the IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Q4 (November 2014 – January 2015), 40% of UK online sales were via mobile devices. Smartphones accounted for 10% of online sales, while tablet devices accounted for 30% of e-retail sales during Q4 2014-15. Visits to retail websites via mobile devices now account for 53% of the online traffic. Online clothing and fashion retailers have a higher mobile commerce penetration rate, with 45% of their total e-retail sales completed via smartphones and tablets during Q4 2014-15.


BHS have announced that their Managing Director, Richard Price, will leave the retailer. (Source: Drapers)
Heal’s have announced plans to close their 14,000 sq. ft. branch in London’s King’s Road, at the end of March 2015. (Source: Verdict)
John Lewis Partnership have announced Trevor Phillips as their Partnership Council President, replacing David Jones with effect from 25 March 2015. (Source: The Times)
Superdrug have opened their 3,048 sq. ft. new health and wellbeing concept store on Watford High Street. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
Tesco have launched an online beauty consultation service using ‘Google Plus’ video conferencing technology. (Source: Retail Week)
Topps Tiles have appointed Darren Shapland as their new Chairman, replacing Michael Jack with effect from 19 March 2015. (Source: Retail Bulletin)
Vision Express have teamed up with Al-Ain International Welfare Trust to provide 2,000 glasses for healthcare camps across Pakistan, as part of an aid programme supporting disadvantaged communities. (Source: Retail Bulletin)

Courtesy of ‘Barclays

Leonard Nimoy RIP

February 27, 2015

Spock Leonard Nimoy RIP

Long awaited NuBorg album ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ arrives!

February 26, 2015

Nuborg Sliding off the Edge of the World album cover

Following a 2014 which saw each track released in a series of monthly singles, the wait is finally over for the first full album from superb Norwegian singer-songwriter NuBorg – aka Gunhild Nyborg. Mixing ambient electronica with classic song writing structures to create a unique, shape shifting group of tracks, this is one of the strongest and freshest debut LPs you’ll hear for some time.

Typified by a deft attention to detail and the cultivation of a truly affecting sound, the album is both a labour of love and a truly startling achievement. For a taste of the shadowy world NuBorg creates, you need look no further than the brilliant album title track ‘Sliding off the Edge of the World’:

Available on vinyl, CD and digital download, ‘Sliding off the Edge of the World’ – the debut album from NuBorg – is out now (Jan 8th).


Insta: nuborg

Written by Harry Dean of Labelled Independent

Next Level Power Rangers!

February 26, 2015

Power Rangers

It’s a dark, gritty reboot of “Power Rangers” in the form of a short film and we like it :)

Deborah Ann Woll Could Sit On My Face Before Cheryl Cole #wcw

February 25, 2015
Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll

Joey Bada$$ – “No. 99″

February 25, 2015
Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$

This will solve the argument for the window seat on a plane: The Windowless Fuselage #CPI #fuselage

February 24, 2015

aircraft design, CPI, The economist, flight concept 04b, 3

DESIGNING commercial aircraft would be a whole lot easier if manufacturers didn’t have to consider the pesky customers. Take windows. They are a pain to include on a plane because they must be reinforced, as must the fuselage that houses them. That adds weight, complexity and, ultimately, expense in the form of higher fuel costs. Yet for reasons best known to them, airline passengers like to be able to look out of a porthole while zooming down the runway or flying over a mountain range.

CPI, an organisation that helps firms develop new technology, thinks it might have found an answer. It is working on a fuselage in which there are no windows. Instead, a high-resolution digital display, made up of panels running the entire length of the cabin wall, would project the image from outside the plane, captured by external cameras.

aircraft design, CPI, The economist, flight concept 04b, 1

This would make the plane seem as if it had one long, continuous window (see picture above). According to CPI’s blurb, the system could correct the displayed images for parallax, which would:

…increase the sensation of looking out of a window, rather than looking at a projected image. Internal tracking cameras could be used to project the image onto the screen from the point of view of the passenger- moving the image in accordance with the movements of the passenger’s head. Images would be relayed from a series of cameras mounted on the fuselage, potentially giving each display an uninterrupted view of the exterior (avoiding the wings and engines).

If the view at 30,000 feet got boring, any image would do—perhaps some mood lighting to help passengers sleep. Potentially everyone wins. Display panels are much lighter than building windows, so flying costs come down. Passengers, meanwhile, get a panoramic view rather than neckache from peeking through an oversized peephole. Even better, it will mean the end of that jealous moment when you realise that the other side of the plane is enjoying a particularly stunning view over London or the Golden Gate Bridge while you only have sky to stare at; the windowless plane can just project the same view to both sides of the aisle.

aircraft design, CPI, The economist, flight concept 04b, 2

CPI reckons the technology could be included on aircraft within a decade. The big problem, Gulliver reckons, is a philosophical one. One might call it “The Matrix” conundrum. If you are flying past the Northern Lights, and the view have of them is being projected onto the cabin, can you claim to have really seen them?

Photo: CPI

Courtesy of ‘The Thinker


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