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For Love & Money: Late Winter Collection 2012

January 27, 2012

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On February 1st 2012, For Love And Money drop their second major collection. Catering for the milder weather, Dinesh Desikan has produced three very different sweaters and developed his popular logo snapback into an even sharper looking piece.

For Love And Money produces small runs and Dinesh Desikan has limited each design to just 12 pieces that are delivered in the familiar hand printed box and paper bag with a refined version of the care instructions and birth certificate.

The first sweater is a mellow violet colour with a bitmap design based on the ethos of the brand – “Han’ Prinnid E’reything” and has an image of screen printing on it to leave you in no doubt about how it was made!

The second design goes down a vector style route and is a red design on a navy sweater. It creates a pattern detail within the heart element of the logo and suggests the wearer is a complex but big hearted person…

The third and final design borrows a section of the pattern from the iconic For Love And Money packaging, and replicates it onto a hand stitched pocket. This is a more understated, mature piece that sports a tongue in cheek tagline, “Pocket Swag”
An added touch of a heart on the left hand sleeve of each sweater is a nod to the character of the designer himself…

The final element to the collection is the For Love & Money Snap Back Cap v.2. After the success of the first batch, Dinesh Desikan developed the design further, adding a 3D logo, a design under the brim and a small brand tag next to the snap itself. It comes in the all black colour way and grey/black colour way. It too is delivered in hand printed box that features the iconic For Love & Money Print.

Alongside the apparel releases, For Love & Money are dropping the first video from their “Below the Surface Sessions” – a series of videos in which people from different areas of the creative world talk about what they are up to and how they share the same ideology as the brand.

The series starts with a bang, as the highly knowledgeable and mad talented , DJ Snips is interviewed. If you could see the outtakes of when he describes His Top 5 tunes of all time, then you would be getting a hip hop education!

This is For Love & Moneys first foray into 2012 with a collection continues the show the quality of design and product that it has exhibited since the launch, it may be a bit late, but you’ll excuse the tardiness if you knew what was in store….:)

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