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There’s more to Helen Skelton than meets the eye…

January 31, 2012

Last week you may have heard that Helen Skelton completed a trek to the South Pole in aid of Sports Relief. Now when I first try and put this in to some sort of perspective I first say to myself ‘can this really be considered a sport‘? Playing footie – yes. Badminton – yes. Trekking to the South Pole is beyond sport, but doing what is beyond what most consider to be ‘normal’ seems to be what Helen Skelton is about and in turn sets her apart from the average…

Helen Skelton is someone that you’ll notice pops up in the news every now and again – but for all the right reasons as opposed to stumbling out of China White lashed like some members of Girls Aloud (UK girl band who sing occasionally) see below:

Since replacing Zoe Salmon as Blue Peter Presenter in 2008, some of Helen Skelton’s achievements include:

– Completing the Marathon des Sables (all the other Blue Peter presenters had given up)
– April 2009, Helen Skelton became only the second woman ever to finish the 78-mile (126 km) Namibian Ultra Marathon.
– In the same month she then completed the London Marathon.
– In 2010 she Kayaked 2,010 miles down the Amazon in support of Sports Relief
– In February 2011 Helen completed a 150 metre long, 66 metre high walk between the towers of Battersea Power Station in aid of Comic Relief.
– January 2012: she became the first person to reach the South Pole using a bicycle, skis and a kite. She covered 329 miles by kite ski, 103 by bike, and 68 by cross-country ski. The trek was again in support of Sports Relief

Helen Skelton isn’t just ridiculously FIT but she shows was is possible with focus, determination and hard graft. In her own words:

I was always the person in school who was in the team but was never the best in the team. I was always really up for it and really into it, but I never represented the county or anything. I just threw myself into it and I think that definitely pays off. I think the things that I’ve done, they’re not because I’m necessarily talented, they’re just because I’m stubborn. I think that’s probably the only reason I’ve succeeded“.

There’s more to Helen than meets the eye. Don’t be fooled in thinking she is just a pretty face. She has a serious mental toughness that is rare to find, one which has contributed to her success both as a presenter and also in her charity endeavours. With Helen being attractive / hot, sporty, focused, ambitious et al, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that most ‘men’ are scared shitless of asking her out on a date (assuming she is single). Coupled with the fact that behind closed doors a majority of guys are insecure wrecks, I can only hope that with Helen’s hectic C.V to date, she doesn’t end up with an overly proud, ego driven twat who in any way can’t handle her success.

Helen Skelton, Cellar Door salutes you.

Make the most of the people around you. If you appreciate the people in your team and the people that love you, they’ll pick you up when you fall. Whatever life throws at you they’ll help you cope with it“.

Courtesy of ‘The Thinker

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  1. January 31, 2012 10:17 am

    Every Week I folow your site…..
    I share it in my Face book now….
    and if possible !
    Thank You

    • January 31, 2012 11:46 am

      That’s great. Thank you for following and sharing. Let us know which posts you like too 🙂

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