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Introducing Nina Provencal

June 25, 2013

Nina Provencal

Nina Provencal

Nina Provencal is a realist.

Everything about her – Her life, lyrics and music embody her energy and often reflect the trials and tribulations that she and others around her feel and live daily. Her exceptional ability to enrapture her listeners and take them on a journey through a forest of thought with her storytelling and lyrical prowess strikes a chord and always leaves her audiences wanting more. Provencal’s distinctive brand lies in her raw yet elegant vocal. Carrying genres such as Hip hop, House, D&B and Pop to a level that evokes emotion and thought. With three self- written albums under her belt and a wealth of projects with established and up and coming producers and artists you can hear a definite British undercurrent.
Fresh and always soulful, with musical fusions, and a real sense of adventure, you can hear that this girl is in it for the love.

This summer Provencal has her musical direction firmly focused on the dance floor, collaborating with a crafted mix of producers and labels including Jihad Muhammad for Makin Moves label, Rey Rick with Platinum Bass Collective and the newly formed Fused Records who brought the smash Breakdown to the house scene. Expect more soulful and deep house from this lady, whose distinctive sublime vocals propel her to a class of her own.


Written by Farouk Deen

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