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Long awaited NuBorg album ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ arrives!

February 26, 2015

Nuborg Sliding off the Edge of the World album cover

Following a 2014 which saw each track released in a series of monthly singles, the wait is finally over for the first full album from superb Norwegian singer-songwriter NuBorg – aka Gunhild Nyborg. Mixing ambient electronica with classic song writing structures to create a unique, shape shifting group of tracks, this is one of the strongest and freshest debut LPs you’ll hear for some time.

Typified by a deft attention to detail and the cultivation of a truly affecting sound, the album is both a labour of love and a truly startling achievement. For a taste of the shadowy world NuBorg creates, you need look no further than the brilliant album title track ‘Sliding off the Edge of the World’:

Available on vinyl, CD and digital download, ‘Sliding off the Edge of the World’ – the debut album from NuBorg – is out now (Jan 8th).


Insta: nuborg

Written by Harry Dean of Labelled Independent

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