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This is a really interesting cycle concept taking place in Japan #cycling #Japan #Giken #undergroundparking

April 7, 2015

Eco Cycle, Giken, Underground parking, Japan, Cycling Japan

In Japan the ECO-Cycle it’s an ingenious way of offering bicycle storage to the masses. As demonstrated in the video below, a small cubicle on the side of a road sits above a mighty, mechanised, underground depot. All the cyclist has to do is touch his membership card on a reader and insert his bike into the cubicle. The storage system then transports the bike up to 11 metres underground, where it is held in one of the 204 bike racks.

The project is engineered as individual cylindrical shaped structures measuring 8.5m x 11.6m below the street surface, where a mechanically operated carrier lifts and organizes bikes into any of the open 204 stalls. The design utilizes a staggered arrangement with loading pallets that maximize the amount of storage with a minimal spatial footprint.

On top of being a shelter from bad weather and badly intentioned people, the ECO Cycle is, according to the developer, completely safe in the instances of an earthquake – a regular occurrence in that part of the world.

Courtesy of ‘The Thinker

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