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Songs for Mr Sloane’s new album – ‘It Is What It Is’ – out now

May 8, 2015

Songs for Mr Sloane

One of the most unusual and original new albums your likely to hear this year, ‘It Is What It Is’ sees veteran collective Songs For Mr Sloane on very fine form indeed. The group itself is created from a number of experienced musicians who have made their own way in the industry, coming together under the leadership of Guy Snook (Bass) and Peter Dale (vocals, guitar, keys) to mould their own material in the studio environment.

Unbound by labels, genre or expectation, they have created an album which explores many corners of the musical landscape. Their lyrics range from storytelling, to pithy humour, to self-examination, while their style is even wider. Title track ‘It Is What It Is’ would have you believe they are a funk soul band, but there are jazzy songs, straight pop songs and even a lilt of folk.

One thing’s for sure – you won’t hear many like it this year, which makes it worth considering as an addition to your 2015 collection. You can get it on iTunes now.

Written by Harry Dean 

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