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Leo Sayer – Restless Years, out now

September 4, 2015

Leo Sayer profile

The word ‘great’ is wildly overused when it comes to music criticism. It has come to mean, perhaps, just slightly better than ‘good’, but not quite at the level of ‘brilliant’.

Leo Sayer, in the truest, proper sense of the word, is a songwriting great. His pop legacy has taken him across the globe on constant tours over a 43 year career. He has Grammy Awards on his mantelpiece, and five number one hits to his name.

leo walking image

Those days, where he rode the crest of the popular culture wave, might well be behind him. But in new album ‘Restless Years’, he proves that his lyrical dexterity is as strong as ever, and now comes with a new, heart-warming vocal style that only experience can bring.

LEO album cover

Whether commenting on how “hindsight is worth a pot of gold” during the song ‘How Did We Get So Old’, or wistfully admitting that “lately I’ve been staying out of site, I’m Mister in Between” for the album closer ‘Mister In Between’, you get the feeling that this is a great songwriter (there’s that word again) who knows what he’s talking about.

Don’t let those two quotes fool you though. These are two examples which perhaps show Sayer at his most contemplative. However, as a whole, the album is upbeat, lively, and positive about this move into a new phase of life. Great.



Written by Harry Dean 

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