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@CroydonTechCity welcomes #AdamSpearing and #Tommy Newman #TechCity

October 20, 2015

Croydon Tech City
It was a pleasure to meet with the one of the head honchos from Croydon Tech City last week. ‘Croydon‘ i hear you ask? Yes Croydon. If it’s all new to you, well, here go’s…

Croydon Tech City is a community of software developers, creatives, venture capitalists and tech startup founders who are committed to making Croydon an attractive home to early-stage technical and digital startups.

The aim of the group is:

– The promote the borough of Croydon
– To champion digital and tech start-ups in Croydon and the wider South London area
– To provide advice and support for digital and tech start-ups in the borough
– To build a robust network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and developers in the borough

If you didn’t know, well now you know 🙂 If you want to find out more the join the Croydon Tech City collective at 3Space Hub in Southern House (right next to East Croydon St) for another gathering of South London’s largest tech startup and entrepreneurial community.

Speakers include:

Adam Spearing, Head of Platform for Salesforce, on “How to build successful enterprise and consumer apps“, Tommy Newman, creator of Thrivo, a mobile messaging app connecting people with dedicated psychologists for support on life goals and issues – and more!

To sign up to attend, please click HERE

Courtesy of Jonny

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