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3D-Knitted Shoes Made for a Mix-And-Match Lifestyle

February 26, 2016

3D-Knitted Shoes Made for a Mix-And-Match Lifestyle

Lightweight and formfitting shoes made through wasteless manufacturing

JS Shoes uses a manufacturing technology that doesn’t only offer a unique pair of shoes for everyone, but it’s opening doors for 3D-knitted footwear alongside the ability of personal customization.

The Co-founder of J&S Enterprise shared that while most of his past work focused on designing consumer electronics and furniture, he’s been working on JS Shoes since 2014.

JS Shoes8.jpg

These knitted shoes are designed for people with an active lifestyle as they prioritize comfort and convenience.

JS Shoes offer major customization as buyers get to choose their design, colors and even how many they’ll get. There is a ‘Buy One By One’ option where buyers can purchase only one shoe at a time. If you’re someone who likes to mix and match different colors, this concept will definitely work for you.


Moreover, the JS knitted shoes are soft, lightweight and seamless fitting. Not to mention they’re easy to pack when traveling, easy to clean, and most of all, easy on the feet. They’re also great to use when on long drives as the footwear helps you exert minimal effort.

JS Shoes5.jpg

However, there’s something else that needs recognition: the company’s commitment to waste-less production. The knitting machine only uses the exact amount of materials needed for each shoe. Hence, there’s no accumulation of waste. What is used for production is only what is strictly needed. In addition, the 3D-knitting process reduces carbon use in factories for improved safety and it also significantly reduces the need for (wo)manpower.

At some point, you might have wished that you could wear comfy knitted socks outdoors. JS Shoes prove that, whether 3D-printed or not, wishes do come true.

JS Shoes

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