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#InternationalWomensDay – @MelissaNoakes01 #wcw

March 8, 2017

Mel Noakes, Events, EventProf

Melissa NCellar Door salutes you

For International Women’s Day, we are celebrating seven badass women we know well or watch from afar, who we believe act as an inspiration through their words AND actions. Do-ers not talkers.

We met up with Mel earlier this year and she blew us away. She’s well travelled. She understands the events industry as well as Arsenal understand how to lose spectacularly in Europe against Bayern Munich. Mel doesn’t overuse the word ‘immersive experiences’ or ‘experimential’. Knows how to catch a joke. She’s not greedy with her sharing connections. Overall she one of the most relevant persons in the events industry. All this aside she is also co-founder of Elevate, a mentoring scheme aimed at supporting and inspiring ambitious individuals within the events industry. It is open to event professionals of all ages, genders, and from across the entire events industry, be it from a brand, corporate, agency or venue background.

“We really wanted to be a platform for the events industry to come together at whatever stage, because the reality is that we all learn from each other. So if you can create a platform where CEOs, MDs, account directors, clients and agencies come together, it’s what our industry needs.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Mel is a Self Care Coach – check out her website here:


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